Our Signature Blend is a combines organic essnetial oils to make the perfect natural support for inflammation, emotional well being and clarity of thought. Apply the roller bottle on the back of the neck or anywhere on the body that may be inflammed. You can also take the roller with you to inhale and release tension, built up emotions and helpreduce inflammation to help with clear thoughts. 

Diffuse this blend to experience ongoing benefits, use in the morning, night or while you are working to help your mind feel at ease.    


10ml roll-on bottle - apply below nose (keep awasy from eyes), back of neck and sides of neck or wherever tension or inflammation is present. You may also apply to palms of hands, cup hands over nose and inhale for a quick stress release.

0.33 oz bottle - place desired about into diffuser (ex. 8-10 drops)

LTE Low Pressure - Inflammation, Emotion & Clarity (10ml or 0.5oz)

  • Organic jojoba oil and essential oils of: organic pepperrmint, organic eucalyptus, organic frankincense & helichrysum