Meet Erica L. Reynolds

Erica created Live to Elevate,, a natural health and wellness line that  incorporates the body, mind & soul, so you can live your best (elevated) life.

Erica finds passion in helping people see beyond their current limitations to achieve their personal best. She believes that in order to truly live your best life, one must take a holistic approach to living. A holistic approach is in fact what enabled Erica to improve her own life. However, she knew that it would take every bit of her being to make the changes that were needed and most importantly - make sure they were sustainable. After experiencing setbacks and disappointments, Erica made the decision to take ownership of her life in a way that she hadn't before. One of those changes included improving her health. After taking medication for over 20 years, Erica began researching and taking steps to naturally improve her health - ultimately her lifestyle. After experiencing these dramatic changes, Erica was inspired and committed to living a life of authenticity with purpose. 

Live to Elevate was born in order to share her love and the benefits of going natural with everyone.

May you all continue to "Live to Elevate"

Erica L. Reynolds, MA

Incorporating the Body, Mind & Soul

to help you live an Elevated Life!

Michelle Obama and Erica L. Reynolds