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Labelle - Houston, TX
"The peppermint castile (Lee'd the Way) is the truth on my hair!!! My scalp has the tingle feeling like it's open and breathing! My hair is soft and a little moist after washing. Totally different from another popular brand of castile that I used to use that was too drying! It moisturizes my boys' skin and makes it so soft...Love it!"

Amy - Newport Coast, CA
"I have been loving the Up and At'em bar! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. It's scent and feel make for a wonderful bathing experience!"

Etta  - Houston, TX
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Etta - Houston, TX

"All of the Live to Elevate products that I have tried so far...I LOVE! The essential oil blends are simply divine! The Liquid Gold is calming and offers relief to my joints.  I love the smell of Sweet Sexy Me. It's a mood lightening confidence booster. I also love the facial products, bath bars and castile soaps! Since, I have been using Denise's Spice complexion bar and the anti-aging facial serum, I get compliments on my skin all of the time!  My husband will now only shower using the Live to Elevate bath bars. He loves using Lee'd the Way after a long hard day of yard work. It is a tingly & refreshing pick-me-up!"

Nicole - Newport Coast, CA
"I am loving my shea butter (Shea Ya Right) soap!  I like all the scrubby things in it. Almost done with that bar and ready to try my lavender bar (Ella's Retreat)!"

Edwina  - Los Angeles, CA
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Edwina -
Los Angeles

"I LOVE the Live to Elevate product line. It is comforting to know that my beauty routine includes all natural products that keep me looking and feeling great. I have never had so many compliments on my skin."


Jennifer  - Orange County, CA
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Jennifer - Orange County, CA

"This stuff is great for your mind and soul! Beautiful product and divine scent! I love the whole line from the massage oils to the peppermint bar (Lee'd the Way)...great for opening up your sinuses, chest area, and soothing for your stomach. In fact, all of them smelled so great and they do different things for your body - it is fantastic! I also got the peppermint  (Lee'd the Way Liquid Castile Soap), which is so soothing and it is multi-purpose...all in one bottle! Great for gifting also because it comes in nice packages!"