- About Our Products -

Our Commitment

Many of my clients and family members deal with the harsh realities of life and the emotions that come with it. Essential oils are nature's gift to us that can help us deal with these everyday challenges. They can provide natural health benefits for the mind and body. Aromatherapy has been known to help those who use it to relax and relieve stress or anxiety, have better concentration and mental clarity. It can also serve as a pick-me up and help revitalize you to tackle your day.   We delicately combine the oils in our soap and blends with love and care to help provide the natural benefits that nature intended.

I named these natural bars as I was inspired by the needs of family members, friends and clients to use natural means to influence their day. Not only will you find some of the products named after people that I care most about,  but know that they use the products as well. It is comforting for me to know that they have a natural quality product to use in their daily routine.  They can be inspired by the aromatherapy benefits while receiving nourishment for their skin. Elevate the Mind & the Skin.


Live to Elevate

Why Natural  & Organic ?

Home is where the heart is and we keep this in mind at Live to Elevate. We love our customers and their families, so we don't take it lightly that our products are brought into your home. We know that you take care of the things that you love. Live to Elevate was born from the desire to offer natural safe products that the whole family can use. Our products are 100% natural, vegan with no chemicals, no surfactants, no dyes or artificial fragrances. Only pure organic oils, herbs and essential oils are used. Each of our products also has a minimum of 85% certified organic ingredients. This guarantees that you are using a brand with quality that you can trust.

Many of the common soap products that claim to be gentle are comprised of harsh chemicals that can also be found in dish-washing detergents.  he skin is the most delicate organ on the body and shouldn't be cleaned with the same harsh ingredients used in commercial products. Chemicals, dyes and fragrances can be harsh on the skin. Using natural and organic products helps to ensure that you are providing gentle nourishment for the skin.

Us vs The Rest 

Our bars are made with nature's finest simplest ingredients. You can compare our natural organic bars to the luxury bars you would find in high-end departments stores, which can cost anywhere between $15 to $45 per bar. Even at that price, most are not organic and many still contain fragrances and chemicals that can be harsh on the skin. Our all natural organic bars are vegan, contain no chemicals, no surfactants, no artificial ingredients or fragrances. Only pure plant oils, shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils and herbs are used. We want you and your family to enjoy the benefits of natural products and make them a part of your everyday routine. Which is why we offer our bath bars at a fraction of the price. Compare price and ingredients and see for yourself.