Pick Your Bar, Then Get in the Mood

Need to de-stress or looking for a pick-me-up?

We have the bath bar for you!

14 Fabulous Bars from Calm to Invigorate

Erase the stress away with the natural calming properties of  bergamot in "The Eraser" 

"Light the Way" with sage, lemongrass and spearmint will be just what you need to  tune into positive vibes and uplift your spirits. Gentle and cooling for those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis

Let peppermint in "Lee'd the Way" give you a boost in the morning and help you start your day clear and focused. Wakes up the senses and can help with easing pain and tension

Relax with sweet smelling lavender plus  benefit from the anti-aging properties of comfrey root in "Ella's Retreat"