The research is in! Collagen has massive benefits for health & beauty and Vital Proteins collagen is a repeated best seller as it is wild caught, kosher and Non-GMO project verified. From fresh wild-caught snapper. Collagen is known to help maintain weight, promote healthier nails, hair and youthful glowing skin. It helps support joint health and promote healthy immune, diegstive and central nervous systems


It simply mixes into almost anything. Easy to add to you daily routine by adding to coffee, tea, oatmeal, smoothies, water...the list goes on! A must add to you daily health routine.


10 oz (24 servings)


Stick packs (20 servings)

20 - 0.35oz (10g) packets

Vital Proteins - Marine Collagen, Wild Caught (Unflavored) 10 oz.

  • Sustainably-sourced Snapper scale collagen peptides