Our 100% All Natutal LTE Hair System is your hairs best friend. The only all natural hair system of its ind on the market will make wash days feel like spa days. Indulge in all natural organic botanical ingredients that help to promote growth, nourish, repair, stimulate and moristurize your tresses to their natural heavenly state.  

Start with our intoxicating Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo, comes in a generous 16oz bottle, gently cleanses any build-up on hair, treats dry flakey scalp, while nourishing and stimulating your hair. Next is our Hair Therapy* protein treatment made with an herbal infused blend, adding vitamins and nutrients to strengthen the hair and scalp. It's like a vitamin pack for the hair and scalp. Hair Therapy promotes growth, reduces shedding (after first use) and leaves hair oh so soft. Our Coconut Conditioning Mask*, also comes in a generous 16oz bottle, is pure natural bliss. Made with real organic coconut milk and healthy oils, this mask can be left on the hair for 30 minutes up to 12 hours, leaving hair soft, restored and moisturized. Promotes healthy growth. 

As an added treat, we've inclduing our Golden Mane Hair Serum for silk soft tresses. Made with a careful blend of herbal infused oils like avocado, coconut and jamaican black castor oil. This daily serum seals strands, stimulates growth and leaves hair silky soft - without a greasy feel. Great for waking up dull, dry hair. A litte goes a long way.


Shake products well before use. Coconut Conditioning Mask and Hair Therapy should be refrigerated after opening.*


Add-on these goodies to make it a complete set:

Upgrade to Extra Strength Hair Therapy - Infused with royal rice protein, giving your hair and scalp extra vitamins and minerals for more intensive treatment


Simply Better Leave-in Spray is the moisture that your hair has been missing. Infused with organic aloe vera, this spray works wonders with our Golden Mane Hair Serum to maintain  and seal moisture in the hair.

LTE 100% Natural Hair System

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