Our breathe free organic blend is the perfect natural rival to the some of those other well-known vapor concoctions. Breathe in the natural goodness of eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense and tea tree oil to help open up the passage ways and soothe the sinuses. Diffuse this blend to help you Breathe Free and be worry free knowing that you are free from inhaling chemicals and synthetic ingredients into your system.    


10ml roller bottle - apply below nose, around sinus areas (keep awasy from eyes) and across chest. May also apply to palms of hands, cup hands over nose and inhale

0.33 oz bottle - place desired amout into diffuser (ex. 8-10 drops)

Breathe Free - Sinus Support

  • Organic sweet almond oil and essential oils of: organic pepperrmint, organic eucalyptus, organic tea tree, organic frankincense & organic helichrysum